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  • Posting Location: Noida, India

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Description and Requirements


Position Summary



The team protect the MetLife’s Cyber Security interest by providing oversight and monitoring on Infrastructure and Application Security, as well as responding to the cyber related incidents our role is to guide the first line of defense functions (Operations, Engineering….) to properly secure the environment and provide management/partners with the visibility of overall security posture. We also monitor the environment for security incidents and lead the response to Cyber threats.


  • To provide managed detection, incident investigation and proactive hunting, thus minimizing the potential business impact from cyber attacks
  • Continuous vigilance, to establish whether a compromise has occurred, and provide expert assessment of the nature, scope and implications of the incident along with tailored remediation steps specific to the environment.
  • Submit, Review and Action the new Archer Incident ticket submitted on Archer Incident Tool
  • Submitting new Incident ticket on Service Now
  • Communication with all the global regional IT Security teams for tracking the archer incident submitted for timely closure post resolution
  • Performing risk analysis for the compromised MetLife Machines attacked by Malicious Domains to check suspicious activities by using MetLife Internal Tools
  • Analyze and take corrective action on the Phishing emails sent to MetLife employee




Job Responsibilities


  1. Responsible for gathering correct information to submit Archer Incident requests
  2. Risk assessment and Impact analysis of the compromised machines infected by Malicious Domains
  3. Interact with different regional security teams and engineers daily in context to suspicious activities reported  for compromised machines for containment
  4. Analyze Financial Services ISAC emails to check multiple vulnerabilities reported which can be exploited by malicious people to disclose certain sensitive information, manipulate certain data, and cause a DoS (Denial of Service)
  5. Reporting of logs and updating hashes on SharePoint for the Malicious Domains, IP reported in FSISAC emails
  6. Analysis of New and Dropped Domains reported in Mark Monitor Application. Escalating the Suspicious Domains to Mark Monitor for take down
  7. Daily report out of High scoring Domains published in Open DNS communicating with internal MetLife machines for a possible infection
  8. Run daily queries on Splunk and report out for identify Pan Threat “Domains”, Filenames, Ransomware
  9. Analysis of incidents/reports/dashboards and extracting Bluecoat/Palo Alto logs from Symantec portal
  10. Analyze and report out of the Malicious URL’s published in BCOAT Report post reviewing them on Virus Total, URL Void, OpenDNS, Malware Domainlist, Bluecoat, Google
  11. Excellent Soft skills (Mandatory )
  12. Excellent Communication skills (Mandatory )
  13. Excellent E-mail writing skills (Mandatory )
  14. Excellent inter-personal skills with the ability to coordinate cross functionally


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities




  • IT Graduate
  • Basic IT Infrastructure & Incident Response Knowledge
  • Knowledge of Databases, Networks, Hardware, Firewalls and Encryption



  • Total of 7 years of Experience with atleast 4 years in Incident Response
  • Hands on work experience in Cyber Security Tools like XSOAR or IBM Q-RADAR or Splunk or DLP, etc.
  • Must process problem solving, planning, and analytical skills to drive continuous improvements


Knowledge and skills (general and technical)

  • Expertise in networking Security System i.e. Firewall, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Content Delivery Network, DNS
  • Thorough knowledge of Service Now applications
  • Experience and knowledge of Incident management practices
  • Prior experience in managing Incident helpdesk / Incident management work is preferable
  • Intermediate MS Office skills