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  • Ubicaciones de publicación: Noida, India

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Descripción y requisitos


Position Summary



The primary role of the SRE-associate has a customer service responsibility for all SRE needs of the MetLife employees with knowledge of all commodities and services within the scope. Support audit requirements of the organization by keeping a document repository.


Job Responsibilities



  • SRE-associate would be the first line of customer contact through his system application or through an assigned phone extension.
  • SRE-associate would be responsible to address all incoming requests as follows: respond to all phone requests, respond to SNow requests, document appropriate due diligence, supply literature to client and update and follow up on customer requests.
  • Ensure Sanction screening within SLA
  • Ensure Mailbox management
  • Ensure Track and report Issues registered related to Buyer requests
  • Ensure SLA governance and management
  • Ensure Supplier list maintenance
  • Govern documentation upload in SNOW
  • Ensure adequate knowledge of policies and procedures pertaining to procurement and Snow system.
  • Ensure adherence to established attendance schedules


Any other essential function that may occur from time to time as directed by the Supervisor.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities




  • Graduates or Diploma holders with at least 15 years of education



  • 0-1 years working experience with understanding of Quality and metrics, with a preference for specific Supply Chain experience as required. 


Knowledge and skills (general and technical)

  • Good Computer navigation skills
  • Good keyboarding speed
  • Knowledge about the Insurance industry in US
  • Knowledge about US Culture
  • Fundamentals of Purchasing/Vendor management.
  • Good Communication skills – should be able to interact with suppliers and customers at all levels regardless of needs. Should also be able to interpret business documents
  • Escalate issues if required
  • Data gathering ability/ Eye for detail
  • Teamwork/ Managing Self / Adaptability
  • Ability to work successfully in production driven environment
  • Adaptability to change
  • Ability to work on routine/standardized transactions
  • Self-disciplined and result oriented
  • Ability to multitask


Other Requirements (licenses, certifications, specialized training – if required)

  • Not applicable


Working Relationships


Internal Contacts

(and purpose of relationship):


  • AM for the purpose of reporting performance, escalation handling, clarifying concerns, and seeking feedback and support.
  • Manager for the purpose of settling issues left unresolved by the AM and monthly evaluation of performance.
  • Agents for the purpose of seeking cooperation & clarification on process-related matters & providing assistance and support when required.
  • Subject Matter Expert for the purpose of work thread related issues and escalated transactions.
  • QCA for the purpose of feedback and audit.
  • Trainers for the purpose of Pre-process and Process training.


External Contacts

(and purpose of relationship) – If Applicable

  • SME / Trainers at the client end for training.
  • MetLife Employees for understanding and taking requests for procurement of various commodities and services
  • Supplier to obtain and assist on information required for Risk Assessment completion